Priyaneet Kainth

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager

Priyaneet is a strong leader in Diversity and Inclusion. She works as the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager at Haleon. In her role, she influences and delivers the DEI strategy for over 25,000 employees at Haleon so that everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. She is a role model who advocates for, and influences change for those with differences so their voices are heard. She has demonstrated this through several initiatives both within the workplace and externally.

As a qualified coach, her passion is to help others discover their true potential, equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to live a fulfilling life. Through her own personal experience of living with an invisible incurable disability within the South Asian community, she has broken-down down stigma within her culture, which has made her more resilient and compassionate to help others. She is natural public speaker and has shared her story to highlight gaps for diverse people and recommended improvements. She volunteers with Muscular Dystrophy UK and is a Trustee at Victoria College, for young people aged 19 to 25 years with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. She was the Rising Star Diversity Award Winner 2022 by WeAreTheCity.

Priyaneet, born and bred in Birmingham, lives a fulfilling life. She enjoys travelling and exploring the world, learning and embracing new cultures. She loves reading, writing, and currently studying her Postgraduate in Personal and Business Coaching. Her passion and purpose in life are to give hope to others, especially the disabled community, to live an enriching and fulfilling quality of life, and to show that everyone has the superpower to make their dreams come true – it’s all about mindset!


Day 2
July 25, 2024
12:10 pm

Panel Discussion D: Where's Your Head At? Addressing Burnout

25 July
Time:  12:10 pm - 12:50 pm

In this session, our panelists will explore the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with mental health, focusing on the pervasive issue of burnout. We'll discuss how systemic inequalities and workplace dynamics can contribute to burnout, particularly among marginalised groups, and examine strategies for fostering inclusive environments that prioritise mental wellness.

Day 1
July 24, 2024
11:50 am

Panel Series: A Empowering Abilities: Redefining Disability and Unlocking Potential

24 July
Time:  11:50 am - 12:30 pm

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion as we explore the dynamic landscape of disability in the workplace. In "Empowering Abilities," our esteemed panelists will delve into innovative strategies, inclusive practices, and success stories that redefine perceptions and champion the abilities of every individual. From fostering diversity to breaking down barriers, this discussion promises to ignite dialogue, inspire action, and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered workforce.

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