Dr Mark Esho MBE

Easy Internet Services

Mark Esho graduated from De Montfort University in 1994 after obtaining an MBA in Business Administration. Though a Masters degree is a notable achievement for most people, for Mark this marked the culmination of years of hard work battling against the many obstacles that got in his way.

When Mark was five years old, he went from a happy, carefree child to becoming paralysed overnight. He had contracted the poliovirus, which by that point should have been eradicated from the UK. He was initially given a 10% chance of survival but not only did he survive – he thrived.

Mark has overcome what others might perceive as insurmountable obstacles to become the man he is today. His positive, can-do mindset has meant that not only did he finish his studies and graduate from De Montfort, but he went on to become the Founder of several successful businesses – Easy Internet Services, a digital marketing agency, Easy Internet Solutions, a web hosting company, Dreme, a property investment company and in 2019 Access Rating a Community Interest Company (C.I.C). In February 2023, Mark launched Ability Connect CIC. A brand new project, which in collaboration with the University of Leicester Business School, offers training for aspiring disabled entrepreneurs.

In 2018, Mark’s autobiography, I Can. I Will. became a number one bestseller on Amazon. He was highly commended in the IoD Director of the Year (SME) 2016, and in 2019, he was the winner of the IoD Director of the Year (East Midlands) and East Midlands Leadership Awards Winner. Mark was honoured by the Queen in 2022 with an MBE for services to business. In 2023, Mark was awarded a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) by De Montfort University.

He now spends his time running his social enterprises and public speaking at events.

Mark will teach you that it doesn’t matter what obstacles life throws at you – it’s how you respond that counts!


Day 1
July 24, 2024
11:50 am

Panel Series: A Empowering Abilities: Redefining Disability and Unlocking Potential

24 July
Time:  11:50 am - 12:30 pm

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion as we explore the dynamic landscape of disability in the workplace. In "Empowering Abilities," our esteemed panelists will delve into innovative strategies, inclusive practices, and success stories that redefine perceptions and champion the abilities of every individual. From fostering diversity to breaking down barriers, this discussion promises to ignite dialogue, inspire action, and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered workforce.

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