Nourishing the mind, body and soul

Well-being intertwines with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the our Wellness Oasis. Our carefully curated sessions are designed to foster holistic wellness, recognising the profound link between a healthy mind, body, and a world that celebrates diversity.

Join us for rejuvenating activities that transcend boundaries, embracing inclusivity as a fundamental element of well-being.

From mindful meditation to empowering workshops, the Wellness Oasis at UnderOne Festival is a sanctuary for self-care and communal connection, reminding us that a healthier, happier world begins with nurturing the individual spirit.

Laughter Yoga with Lotte Mikkelsen

Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen brings her much-talked-about laughter yoga workshop to UnderOne Festival!

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Live More, Stress Less with Michael Adu

Michael Adu from the London Stress Centre will host two empowering workshops at the UnderOne Festival.

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Embodied Energy Training with Joanne Barlow

Founder of Embodied Energy Training, Joanne Barlow will bring to the festival, an immersive ceremonial journey through herbal connection, energy, breathwork, and celestial soundscapes.

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Yoga Therapies with Chris Jackson

Chris co-founded Yoga Therapies in 2014 with his wife and partner Deborah. They have remained dedicated to fostering safe and inspirational spaces for the practices of Yoga and meditation.

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