Kim Sabate – A Visionary for Gender Equality and Inclusion

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, Kim Sabate, the Founder of TRANSetter, shares her empowering message for aspiring women leaders and change-makers.

TRANSetter is a service designed to help transgender women express their authentic selves and feel confident in their appearance.

“Women possess immense power, capability, and worth to achieve their dreams,” Kim emphasises. “They can positively impact the world and inspire others to do the same.” Recognising the collective strength of women, she highlights the importance of solidarity and support from millions of women who have fought for equality and justice. Kim believes that women are the legacy of those who challenged the status quo, broke barriers, and paved the way for future generations.

In envisioning the role of women in leadership and innovation, Kim emphasises the need for greater representation in traditionally male-dominated fields. “The world needs more women in leadership and innovation positions,” she asserts, citing the unique perspectives and skills women bring to the table. Kim envisions a future where women have equal opportunities for career advancement, supported by inclusive policies, programmes, and networks.

To achieve this vision, Kim advocates for organisational commitment to promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace. She emphasises the importance of regular assessment, clear goals, and inclusive practices to address bias and discrimination. By fostering an inclusive culture that values diversity and celebrates achievements, organisations can create a better future for everyone.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Kim shares a pivotal moment that shaped her leadership path. “Coming out as a transwoman in a male-dominated oil & gas industry was one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions of my life,” she reveals. Encouraged by the acceptance and support of her colleagues, Kim found the courage to live authentically, leading to newfound levels of leadership and innovation. Her journey inspires others to embrace their identity and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive society.

Kim Sabate’s leadership journey exemplifies resilience, courage, and commitment to driving positive change. As an advocate for gender equality and inclusion, she continues to inspire others to break barriers and create a more inclusive world.

To learn more about Kim Sabate and her inspiring journey, visit the speaker section of our website.

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