Celebrating Champions of Diversity and Inclusion: The UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2024

In a world increasingly aligning itself with the principles of diversity and inclusion, there emerges an imperative to continue recognising the organisations and individuals pioneering this essential progress.

The UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards, scheduled for July 25th at the University of Northampton, stand as a beacon of celebration for those organisational forces and innovators committing themselves to the advancement of an inclusive culture.

Culminating in the vibrant backdrop of the two-day global Diversity and Inclusion Festival, this prestigious event underscores the critical role of collaborative efforts in nurturing a corporate and societal environment rich in diversity and equality.

Nomination Categories:

The UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards present an opportunity to spotlight the exceptional endeavors of organisations and individuals in various categories, each illuminating the path to a more inclusive and equitable professional world:

Global Inclusion Excellence Award (ORG): Recognising an individual’s outstanding commitment to global diversity and inclusion, celebrating initiatives that transcend borders.

DEI Innovation Award (ORG): Acknowledging groundbreaking strategies, technologies, or programmes that redefine diversity and inclusion.

DEI Rising Star: Honouring an up-and-coming individual pushing the boundaries in diversity and inclusion, driving meaningful change.

Diverse & Inclusive Company Culture Award (ORG): Recognising an organisation fostering an inclusive culture, prioritising diversity where employees feel valued.

Creative Diversity Campaign (ORG/Team) – Sponsored by Warner Bros. Discovery: Commending outstanding creativity in a campaign that challenges stereotypes and promotes underrepresented communities.

Inclusion in Sustainability Award (ORG): Acknowledging organisations embedding sustainability through diverse and inclusive practices, linking people and the planet.

Social Impact & Community Engagement Award (ORG): Honouring an individual making a profound impact outside the workplace, actively engaging and influencing communities for lasting change.

DEI Thought Leader and Influencer Award (IND): Celebrating an individual’s significant impact as a thought leader and influencer in the diversity and inclusion space.

Trailblazer Employee Resource Group/Network Award (ORG): Honouring an Employee Resource Group or Network pioneering innovative strategies, fostering diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

Key Dates:

Nominations Open: March 11th

Nominations Close: May 20th

Shortlist Announced: June 10th

Winners Announced Live: University of Northampton on July 25th, 2024

Why Nominate?

Boost Morale 

Celebrate achievements in diversity, equity, and inclusion to uplift spirits, foster a sense of pride, and strengthen team cohesion. 


Recognise exemplary efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion that have driven progress forward and inspired others to make a difference. 

Cost Free Recognition 

Acknowledge the dedication and impact of individuals or initiatives within your organisation at no expense.  

Personal Branding 

Elevate your profile and stand out as a leader in driving positive change within your organisation and beyond. 

Nominations Now!

Nominate yourself or your organisation for an UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion with details about your achievements before the submission deadline on May 20th. For any enquiries, refer to the FAQ section or contact us via email at: hello@underonediversityinclusionawards.com

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