Celebrate the Impact of Employee Resource Groups at the UnderOne Diversity & Inclusion Awards!

To celebrate Staff Network Day, we are highlighting the positive impact Employee Resource Groups have on individuals and organisations worldwide.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are pivotal in nurturing diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging in organisations worldwide. Research underscores their positive influence on employee engagement, retention, and overall company performance. Prioritising the establishment and growth of ERGs leads to a more collaborative, innovative, and productive work environment. By championing ERGs, companies enhance cultural representation, elevate employee satisfaction, and foster stronger workplace communities.

A striking 61% of professionals affirm that ERGs contribute to their professional development. This statistic underscores ERGs’ significance in supporting career growth and advancement. These voluntary, employee-led groups provide valuable networking opportunities, mentorship, skill-building workshops, and a supportive community, enhancing professionals’ learning and development within the workplace.

Moreover, 48% of companies have established ERGs to bolster diversity and inclusion initiatives. This proactive step signals a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture where every employee feels valued and supported, thus cultivating a more diverse and equitable workplace environment.

It’s time to honour the remarkable contributions of ERGs in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within organisations. Nominations are now open for the Trailblazing ERG Award at the UnderOne Diversity & Inclusion Awards. If you know of an ERG making a significant impact, nominate them today!

Better be quick, as nominations close on 3rd June.

UnderOne Diversity & Inclusion Awards are part of the UnderOne Festival taking place from 24th – 25th July at the University of Northampton.  Visit www.underonefestival.com for more information.

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