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The Global Inclusion Excellence Award recognises organisations that have created impactful initiatives while uniting diverse perspectives worldwide. Entries will be judged on their positive impact, inclusivity, innovation, and commitment to sustainability.
The Trailblazer Employee Resource Group Award acknowledges the Staff Networks behind innovative strategies that highlight the impact of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Entries will be judged on their positive impact, innovation, level of employee engagement and collaboration.
The DEI Innovation Award celebrates the organisations behind avant-garde DEI strategies, technologies, and/or programmes shaping new frontiers in the DEI space.

The DEI Rising Star Award recognises upcoming leaders whose dedication has already impacted the DEI realm. Entries will be judged on their positive impact, leadership potential, innovation, creativity, collaboration and teamwork.

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The Inclusion in Sustainability Award acknowledges the remarkable dedication in embedding sustainability into the organisation’s DNA. Entries will be judged on their commitment to sustainability, integration of sustainable practices, and innovation.

The DEI Thought-leader and Influencer Award celebrates the highest ranking, most seasoned DEI thought leader, influencer, and pillar of inspiration at scale. Entries will be judged on their thought leadership, influence and impact, and how they are a source of inspiration to others.

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The Diverse & Inclusive Company Culture Award recognises proactive organisations that integrate inclusivity into their culture while encouraging diverse talent. Entries will be judged on the integration of inclusivity, the encouragement of diverse talent, and the promotion of inclusivity.
The Creative Diversity Campaign Award celebrates organisations behind innovative DEI campaigns that flipped the stereotype script and advocated for communities.
The Social Impact & Community Engagement Award honours DEI champions whose impact is felt beyond the workplace, improving the lives of their communities. Entries will be judged on impact, community engagement, and innovative solutions.

Submission Deadline: 7th June 2024

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