UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards to Illuminate University of Northampton Waterside Campus on July 25th 2024

The anticipation is building as the prestigious UnderOne global diversity and inclusion awards prepare to take centre stage at the iconic University of Northampton Waterside Campus. This cutting-edge venue sets the tone for an evening of celebration, recognition, and inspiration, embodying the core values of diversity and inclusion that UnderOne champions.

University of Northampton Waterside Campus: The Perfect Setting

Nestled on the banks of the River Nene, the University of Northampton Waterside Campus is a beacon of modernity and inclusivity. With its innovative architecture and commitment to accessibility, the campus stands as an embodiment of diversity, making it the ideal venue for an event dedicated to honouring champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As attendees step onto the grounds of the Waterside Campus, they’ll be greeted by a space that mirrors the principles of UnderOne—a place where inclusivity is celebrated, and diversity is embraced. From its state-of-the-art facilities to its picturesque surroundings, the University of Northampton Waterside Campus promises to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the evening’s festivities.

Exploring the Venue:

The UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards will unfold within the campus’s stunning facilities, offering a blend of contemporary design and historical resonance. Attendees will have the opportunity to navigate through the campus’s various spaces, each contributing to the overall immersive experience of the awards ceremony.

The main event will take place in the grand auditorium, a space designed not only for visual and auditory delight but also to facilitate a sense of unity and shared purpose. The Waterside Campus will offer a vibrant backdrop for the evening, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere as it brings together the most influential figures and organisations dedicated to DEI.

UnderOne Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards: A Celebration of Champions

As the spotlight illuminates the Waterside Campus, it will also shine on the remarkable individuals and organisations that have demonstrated unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The UnderOne global diversity and inclusion awards stand as a testament to the tireless efforts of these champions, who work diligently to create a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable future.

UnderOne is more than an awards ceremony; it is a gathering of global change-makers, a celebration of progress, and a declaration of solidarity. The nominees, nominators, judges, and cheerleaders—all play different roles in this collective pursuit of inclusivity, sharing a common belief in the transformative power of diversity.

The University of Northampton Waterside Campus serves as a fitting stage for the UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards, capturing the essence of the event’s mission. Attendees can expect an evening immersed in the architectural splendour and inclusive spirit of the campus, as they join together to celebrate and acknowledge the inspiring achievements of those dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion on a global scale. The UnderOne Awards at the Waterside Campus promise to be a momentous occasion, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of diversity and inclusion for years to come.

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