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Nominations Are Officially Open!

The UnderOne global diversity and inclusion awards is proud to push the world’s most tenacious organisations and leaders in the DEI domain into the spotlight. Help us build this year’s shortlist of nominees that have made significant contributions towards a more inclusive global society.

Do you know of an organisation or DEI leader worthy of recognition? Interested in nominating yourself or the organisation you work for? Select the relevant category below to redirect to the appropriate form, which will ask you to share more information about the nominee and their unique achievements for consideration for the UnderOne Diversity and Inclusion Awards.

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Nominations are open for individual thought leaders, organisations, and initiatives/campaigns from all sectors.

Submission Deadline EXTENDED: 7th June 2024


The Award Categories

Each category forms a piece of the bigger UnderOne puzzle – a mosaic of progress, impact, and tangible change. Click below to learn more about the categories, and nominate an individual or organisation devoted to highlighting the impact of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in communities, and beyond.

Global Inclusion

Recognising exemplary organisations who have created impactful initiatives while uniting diverse perspectives worldwide.

Trailblazer Employee
Resource Group

Acknowledging the Staff Networks behind innovative strategies that highlight the impact of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Celebrating the organisations behind avant-garde DEI strategies, technologies, and/or programmes shaping new frontiers in the DEI space.


Awarding up-and-coming future leaders whose dedication has already made an impact in the DEI realm.

Inclusion in

Acknowledging remarkable dedication in embedding sustainability into the organisation’s DNA.

DEI Thought
Leader and
Influencer Award

Celebrating the highest ranking, most seasoned DEI thought leader, influencer, and pillar of inspiration at scale.

Diverse & Inclusive
Culture Award

Recognising proactive organisations that integrate inclusivity in their culture while encouraging diverse talent.


Celebrating organisations behind innovative DEI campaigns that flipped the stereotype script and advocated for communities.

Social Impact
& Community
Engagement Award

Honouring DEI champions whose impact is felt beyond the workplace, improving the lives of their communities.

Our Core Four

The Values That Drive Us
Our values reflect our dedication to forging a brighter future for the next generation, one that is built on:


In line with the DEI spirit, we prioritize fairness and equality.


We uphold the principles of DEI in all we do, without compromise.


We value the unique lived experiences of every individual.


We acknowledge our missteps and do what is needed to fix and learn from them.

Why Nominate Someone for UnderOne’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards?


Celebrating achievements in the DEI sphere fosters a sense of pride and unites teams through solidarity.


Exemplary evidence of tangible progress spreads the DEI spirit and inspires others

Free Recognition

It doesn’t cost a penny to share the impact that your peers, team, or organisation is making.

Personal Branding

Distinguish yourself as an emerging leader and a force to be reckoned with in the DEI domain.

Your Questions - Answered

Yes, you can nominate yourself or/and your company.

No, you cannot submit after the deadline which is the 7th of June 2024

The UnderOne festival award is officially open for nominations
The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 25th July 2024.
Yes. You would need to apply to become a sponsor.
Through the Judges Panel which have been meticulously chosen for their excellence in their respective industries and extensive experience in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Each award category has its own criteria which a panel of judges will apply. The process will involve shortlisting and scoring, with the winning entries announced at the awards ceremony on 25th July 2024.

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