Annika Allen

Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Annika Allen is the Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) for global production powerhouse All3Media. There she is responsible for delivering the group’s DE&I strategy, working with its 40+ production companies, human resources and talent teams and contributes to sector-wide DE&I work. Annika began her career in television and journalism and has a wide range of factual and entertainment credits, following stints at Cactus TV, TalkbackThames, Maverick and RDF Television and has a long and rich career championing the voices yet to be heard and the storied yet to be told.

Before joining All3Media, Annika made impactful contributions to Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Barclays. Her pivotal role included crafting and managing Barclays’ inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report, as well as spearheading the creation of the widely embraced Power of Allies Toolkit—a valuable internal resource fostering a sense of belonging among colleagues. Recognizing the necessity of difficult conversations in fostering workplace success, Annika designed Courageous Conversations—a global monthly thematic webcast and podcast series aimed at facilitating meaningful dialogue, empowering colleagues to listen, learn, speak up, and challenge constructively.

Annika’s prowess extends beyond the corporate realm. As a testament to her dedication to celebrating and honouring the Black community’s changemakers, Annika co-founded The Black Magic Awards—an annual ceremony that shines a spotlight on trailblazers, sharing stories of triumph and inspiring the next generation. Additionally, she is the co-founder of the impactful community, Black Leaders in TV—a platform fostering connection, collaboration, and the advancement of talent within the industry.

Annika sits on a few advisory boards and committees and is a MEFA mentor. She is credited with driving tangible change through global DE&I activities and programs that cultivate a profound sense of belonging. Her passion for improving the lives of others is evident in her commitment to creating spaces where every individual feels heard, valued, and inspired. Annika’s multifaceted contributions continue to shape a more inclusive and inspiring landscape for all.


Day 2
July 25, 2024
12:10 pm

Panel Discussion A: How Can We Implement Practical Strategies for Cultivating Cultural Inclusivity?

25 July
Time:  12:10 pm - 12:50 pm

In this session, our panelists will share actionable steps and best practices for creating an inclusive culture where diversity thrives. From fostering understanding and empathy to implementing effective communication strategies, we'll explore how organisations can navigate the journey towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with buy-in from all stakeholders. Whether you're a leader seeking to champion DEI initiatives or an individual looking to contribute to a more inclusive workplace, this discussion offers invaluable insights and tools for driving meaningful change.

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