Shattering Stereotypes: María del Mar Galcerán Gadea’s Inspiring Journey

We are thrilled to introduce María del Mar Galcerán Gadea, a trailblazer in disability rights and inclusion, who will speak at the upcoming UnderOne Festival. María’s extraordinary story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, as she made history as the first politician with Down syndrome to secure a seat in the Corts Valencianes.

María’s advocacy for disability rights and inclusion goes beyond geographical boundaries, offering encouragement and strength to individuals and families facing similar challenges worldwide. In her own words, “My interest in participating in this event is to be able to transmit my personal experience and send encouragement and strength to families with children with disabilities and people with disabilities themselves so that they fight to achieve their challenges, their goals because having a disability does not mean that we do not have abilities.”

Down Syndrome, a genetic condition causing intellectual disabilities and developmental delays, presents unique challenges as individuals transition into adulthood. One significant hurdle is the lack of job opportunities and inclusivity in the workplace. Despite advancements in awareness and advocacy, people with Down syndrome still face stigma and discrimination, often limiting their access to meaningful employment and social inclusion.

María’s journey challenges these stereotypes and highlights the importance of creating inclusive environments where individuals of all abilities can thrive. Her presence at the UnderOne Festival offers a platform to boost the voices of marginalised communities and drive meaningful change in society’s perceptions of disability.

Join us in welcoming María del Mar Galcerán Gadea as she shares her insights, experiences, and unwavering commitment to advancing disability rights and inclusion at the UnderOne Festival.

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