Celebrating Creative Voices: Apples and Snakes Joins UnderOne Festival as Sponsor!

We are thrilled to announce our creative sponsor for the upcoming UnderOne Festival – none other than the pioneering spoken word organisation, Apples and Snakes! 

 As trailblazers in the realm of spoken word, Apples and Snakes bring together diverse voices in unique ways, crafting experiences that inspire and captivate audiences. With a mission to support poets at all stages of their careers, Apples and Snakes stands as England’s leading spoken word poetry organisation. Their commitment to championing collaborative opportunities ensures that unheard voices are not just heard but celebrated! 

 Over the years, Apples and Snakes has proudly collaborated with many organisations, from BAC to the BBC, and now, they join us at the UnderOne Festival to continue their mission of amplifying creative voices. 

 Let’s meet some of the extraordinary artists who will grace the UnderOne Festival stage: 

 Amerah Saleh 

Hailing from Birmingham, Amerah Saleh is a spoken word artist whose work taps into themes of identity, womanhood, religion, and belonging. Co-founder of Verve Poetry Press, Amerah’s performances have captivated audiences across Europe, and her collection “I Am Not From Here” speaks volumes about her passion for inspiring change through words. 

 Kat Francois 

A trailblazer in her own right, Kat Francois made history as the first person to win a televised poetry slam in the UK. With an illustrious career spanning stage plays to comedy shows, Kat continues to push boundaries with her impactful work. Kat’s play “Raising Lazarus” has garnered global acclaim, shedding light on the experiences of Caribbean soldiers in World War One. 

 Joelle Taylor 

With four collections of poetry in the bag, including the award-winning “C+NTO & Othered Poems,” Joelle Taylor’s impact on the spoken word scene is undeniable. A Poetry Fellow of the University of East Anglia and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Joelle’s work transcends borders, captivating audiences from Australia to Brazil. 

 Join us as we celebrate the power of creative expression with Amerah, Kat, Joelle, and more at UnderOne Festival 2024. Get your tickets now for an unforgettable experience! 

 Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness the magic of spoken word poetry and support the vibrant creative community. See you at the festival! 

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